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Manipulating images in Text box

I am not too nifty with HTML and I am struggling with aligning images within a textbox to be adjacent to each other. The images are 40 pixe…

Started by Neil Norton

3 Aug 10, 2013
Reply by JenSocial

Header Issues

My Network's name does not show in my Header. Ning support says that there is an CSS code preventing this. The creator who did this is 'mis…

Started by Jorge Luis Vila

0 Jul 23, 2013

NING TIP: Hide/Remove Text Box Header

Hey guys!! If you want to hide or remove the header of all text boxes in main page but still keep the edit button and function. Use these C…

Started by Tips by Alex/JenSocial

7 Mar 19, 2013
Reply by Glenn Lynch

Add a Tiled Background to Ning Networks or Website - Using Seamless Tiles :: Bonus: Links to Subtle Seamless Tiles

Add a Tiled Background to Ning Networks or Website - Using Seamless Tiles: This tip is geared more towards newbies, but nice knowledge to g…

Started by JenSocial

0 Mar 4, 2013

Ning Chat Box Height - Space Saver on Home Page

Have you considered adding the Ning Chat Box to your home page, but you don't like how much space it uses? This tip code will show you how…

Started by JenSocial

2 Mar 4, 2013
Reply by JenSocial

How to keep Instant Ad Box only on home page

Hey!  I have a slider currently in my instant ad box below the navigation on the site I admin.  My problem is…

Started by Jeff Dempsey

1 Feb 20, 2013
Reply by JenSocial

How to Add Livefyre 3rd Party Commenting on your Ning Network

Hi Guys, I have managed to install Livefyre on my Network, at 1st i managed to install Disqus but i noticed livefyre has more feature and m…

Started by DJ Webster

6 Jan 21, 2013
Reply by JenSocial

Display Image on Hovered Link - CSS Only, no scripts needed.

Want to add links, and display an image when the link is hovered? See example in video below.   There are a lot of scripts out there to…

Started by JenSocial

0 Jan 9, 2013

Replace NingBar Search with Custom Google Search

Warning: I don't think this will return correct results on a Private site, since Google has to crawl your site for the search. It's doubtfu…

Started by JenSocial

5 Dec 23, 2012
Reply by JenSocial

Can't figure out what's wrong with this code...

This is a cool tip I picked here on JenSocial to add content at the bottom of every forum post.   <!-- Special Ad or Content Bottom of A…

Started by Michel Poisson

4 Dec 15, 2012
Reply by Michel Poisson



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Started by in Ning Tips & Tricks 2.0. Last reply by Dec 26, 2020. 1 Reply

hope for us all

Started by in Ning Tips & Tricks 2.0 Dec 26, 2020. 0 Replies

Is it Possible to Suppress Top Ad Banner

Started by Harringay Online in Ning Tips & Tricks 2.0. Last reply by Dec 26, 2020. 3 Replies

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