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Mirabai Ceiba | Medley Dejemos al Menos Cantos - Wahe Guru | Live song release from the 18th Yoga Vidya Music Festival ...

Mirabai Ceiba's music draws the listener into a gossamer web of gently plucked strings, stately piano arpeggios, subtle vocal playing and poetic lyricism. The sound is easy to love, but hard to categorize. It's world music. It's chamber music. It's folk. It's devotional. But it ultimately trumps any label you try to put on it - except "beautiful." In it, we hear the loving heart play of two gifted musicians and singers - husband and wife team Markus Sieber and Angelika Baumbach. Together they have created a series of acclaimed, exquisitely realized studio albums and concert experiences that immerse the listener in a shimmering world of transcendent wonder.

Markus and Angelika come from different parts of the world. He is East German. She is of Mexican and German descent, born in Tucson, Arizona, and raised in a small village near Mexico City. They met at a street party during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and quickly formed a romantic and musical alliance. The name Mirabai Ceiba reflects the couple's pan-global perspective. Mirabai (1490-1547) was a legendary Hindu singer. The ceiba is the sacred tree of Latin America.

📣 https://www.yoga-vidya.de/events/musikfestival 📣

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