Do you write? If so you'll know what I'm talking about. We're fickle people and despite what our preferences are in our material worlds we're social creatures. We need havens, communities where we congregate with others like us, places where we can display our art. The Internet is abound with such places. Cold Coffee ( ) is such a place.

Some of us hope to gain the admiration of our peers. Others look to hone their craft so they might achieve a more lofty dream. Still some just want to express themselves. Whatever reason for their migration, writers choose their den based on what they offer, the ease of which they can use the features and the number of other writers they can commune with. Every site claims they offer all that a writer would ever need. Few actually deliver. Cold Coffee makes no such claim.

When I first started writing I went out in the digital world in search of site that was populated by people with similar interests and I found one. This site offered a profile page where I could speak about myself and my achievements, upload pictures, music, RSS feeds, and other little trinkets writers tend to covet. I was able to learn the site quickly and easily, upload my work and in no time was recieving feedback from other writers in the community. I was happy and even though I went on to build my own community for writers I still enjoy a membership at this other site. Why did I build my own site if I was happy with the other one? Simple. It didn't offer everything I was looking for. Cold Coffee does.

The truth is there isn't a site that can cover everyone's needs. It's impossible to do. In providing for ones person's needs you alienate someone else. As a community creator I decided to offer specific feature options I knew would appeal and placed them on a foundation of basic ones most writers look for. For every published writer who has a book on a shelf in a Barnes and Nobles there are thousands who don't. That's not to say these many others don't have a book ready for sale. These thousands I speak of do. They represent the "Self-Published" of the world and each and every one of them needs a place to display their craft, their art, and their book. To answer that need, Cold Coffee offers its members a bookstore.

Cold Coffee's bookstore allows members to post a book using a modified NING "groups" feature. They can post a thumbnail of their book with a short title. From there they can post a blurb, author bio, and most importantly, a link to where the book can be purchased. Visitors can click on any given book, read the blurb and if so inclined click the link taking them to a place they can type in their credit card number and address, all without having to be members of Cold Coffee or the authors Book/Group.

In Cold Coffee's Bookstore ( ) there are links, via, to more commercial books by the kind of writers we all hope to become. The bookstore provides authors with the opportunity to have their book listed as one of the top five featured books and a more prestigious position in the Cold Coffee spotlight, a center column site feature. Cold Coffee doesn't claim to offer everything every writer wants or needs but it does offer many things a lot of writers are looking for.

Feel free to visit our rapidly growing community and discover what Cold Coffee is all about. As headlining title description points out. We are a community of writers supporting writers and we welcome you.


This message courtesy of Cold Coffee founder,

David Price

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