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Tweet Later - The Super Tweeter Tool

You've Got To Check This Out - The Most Powerful Tweeter Tool Yet!!!

=====Really Cool Folks Are Using TweetLater=====

Start Using It Right Now!

-Schedule Tweets — Plan, Set & Forget!
-Schedule Tweets and Keep Your Twitter Stream Ticking!
-Publish Tweets When Your International Followers Are Online!
-Track keywords on Twitter — Empower yourself!
-Set up alerts and track keywords in the public Twitter stream. We will monitor the Twitter tweet stream and periodically email you.
-You can also use this to track your @replies.
-Save and reuse drafts — Save hours of typing!
-Save draft tweets, frequently used text snippets.
-Save tons of time by avoiding repetitive typing.
-Send welcome DMs to new followers — Automate!
-Send a nice non-promotional DM to new followers. URL shortening — Track those clicks!-
-Add your URL shortening account details.
-Track the clicks on all your links.
-Follow those who follow you — Automate!
-Automatically follow people who follow you.
-Unfollow those who unfollow you — Automate!
-Automatically unfollow someone when they unfollow you.
-Vet new followers — Semi-automation!
-Gives you an opportunity to manually review new followers.
-Purge your DM Inbox — Keep it tidy!
-You can run a purge on your Inbox to delete everything.
-Personal status feed — Your own tweet engine!
-Grab your own personal 140-character tweet scheduling engine and RSS feed.
-You can schedule and publish tweets that don't go to Twitter.
-Your personal tweet stream, which is available in RSS, XML and Javascript formats.
-Unlimited Twitter accounts — No charge!
-Add and manage as many Twitter accounts as you want.
-Manage Many Accounts with TweetCOCKPIT
-Manage all your Twitter accounts — One integrated console!
-Integrate all timelines & keywords — Boost your productivity!
-On one page in TweetCOCKPIT, see your normal timelines (integrated)
-Pull in additional tweets that contain certain keywords.
-Find new folks to follow or new friends and business contacts at one easy glance.
-Filter your timelines — Tune in only on favorite friends!
-Configure your timeline in TweetCOCKPIT.
-Do the same action on multiple accounts — One click, save time!
-Hollow, unfollow, or block a person on more than one Twitter account.
-Tweet and retweet something on more than one Twitter account with one click.
-Favorite a tweet on more than one account with one click? No problem.
-Forward DMs to others — No copy & paste!
-Easily forward a DM to someone else without having to copy and paste.
-Mute annoying tweeters — Avoid frustrations!
-Hide read tweets — Unclutter your view!
-When you've read a tweet, hide it and it will not show up again and clutter your view.
-Highly configurable — Make it suit your exact needs!
-Include or exclude Twitter accounts, or sections of Twitter accounts.
-Color-code accounts to make them easy to identify.
-Specify the number of tweets you want to see for each section of each account.

=====Really Cool Folks Are Using TweetLater=====

Start Using It Right Now!

Other Highly Sought After Features Included in Tweet Later Professional!

-Delegate your Twitter account management — Free up time!
-If you have an assistant, you can delegate the management.
-This is also a great feature for corporations.
-Schedule @replies and DMs — Send when recipient is online!
-Now you can schedule @replies and DMs to be sent when you know the person is usually on Twitter.
-Schedule recurring tweets — Without them being repetitive!
-Schedule tweets that will be published every______.
-Pause & unpause recurring tweets — Fine-tune campaigns!
-Run your own Twitter bots — Fully automate accounts!
-Turn any RSS/Atom feed into your 24x7 PR, traffic, or Twitter bot machine with the Blog Feeds integration. integration — Feed Facebook & MySpace! [more]
-Light up your other social accounts with the integration where you can schedule updates and feed Blog Feeds into Facebook, MySpace, and all other platforms supported by
-Get all new enhancements — No extra charge!
-All future enhancements (there are many) are included in your subscription.

=====Really Cool Folks Are Using TweetLater=====

Start Using It Right Now!

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