TipTopic.net: Enjoy a live dialog with your favorite topic/content followers/searchers while surfing the web!

While surfing/searching for your favorite topics/contents on the web would you like to be informed on who else is browsing/doing the same and is interested in/ available for a live discussion? It's possible now with TipTopic!

Once you have loaded a web page or found a topic in a search engine the TipTopic would display a list of other followers/searchers of the same content/topic who are online now, with their profiles and topic-related comments/opinions.You can ask for topic-related opinions, advises, read the topic followers' comments and submit your own posts using both a web interface or a browser addon.

Home page: http://tiptopic.net

Enjoy live communications with your favorite topic followers while surfing the web with TipTopic!

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