The Savings Highway, Estimated Tax Savings $50,000

The Savings Highway, Estimated Tax Savings $50,000

A good majority of people fear tax season when April 15th rolls around, but I actually look forward to it and become almost excited. The reason is not because I enjoy filling out lengthly forms and paying the government large sums of money, but because it’s only during tax time that I fully realize how much tax savings my small home based business saves me every single year.

Most people procrastinate by doing research and wondering whether their business idea even has a chance, but they are missing the point. They don’t realize how much tax savings can be gained by operating a small home based business even if it initially is not profitable at all. So if you are even mildly curious about pursuing a business idea, you must take action and give it a try if not for tax savings benefits alone.

Not operating a small home based business, allows the government to tax your earnings at a much higher rate. All of your earnings get taxed as ordinary income (up to 35%) before you are even allowed to spend it. With a small home based business, you get to spend your money first and only get taxed on what is left over.

The best part is that even if your business is losing money on paper, you can pass these paper losses from your business directly to lower your own taxable income! Either way, your net worth benefits whether you are profitable or not.

What Expenses Are Deductible?

The IRS code states that any “ordinary and necessary” business expenses can be deducted from your business income prior to being to taxed. For the Savings Highway business, this includes computers, office equipment, machinery, office supplies, utilities and much more. In addition, by planning your vacations around your business trips, you can save a lot by deducting travel and entertainment expenses as well. The general rule is that as long as the expense is made for business and not personal purposes, you can deduct it from your business income.

Small Business Deduction Guidelines

Naturally, the IRS has put into place many rules and regulations on what can be deducted on your tax return. Otherwise, some small home based businesses would abuse these deductions over and over again. The following is a partial small home based business tax deduction guide along with an outline of the most commonly taken small business deductions.

Keeping in mind that I’m not an accountant or a tax lawyer. The following information is only a guideline and not taken as fact. Tax codes are constantly changing and your current tax advisor must be up to date with the tax code before deducting any expenses associated with your business.

Very few expenses are "always deductible." In most cases deductibility depends on why you incurred an expense, how you intend to use the product or service purchased, whether a purchase was exclusively for business use or partially for business use, etc

What Exactly Can You Deduct?

AUTOMOBILE USE: Your automobile can net you a deduction of 40½¢ per mile or more when used for business. That's a tax savings of more than $2,000 if you drive your car 5,000 miles for business purposes.
Estimated Tax Savings: $2,500

VACATIONS: With the proper combination of knowledge and planning, your non-deductible "vacations" could be converted into tax savings "business trips. This deduction is worth between $2,000 to $3,000 a year for almost anyone who takes annual vacations. It's 100% legal, but you have to follow some simple rules.
Estimated Tax Savings:$2,500

CURRENT HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES: If you use a portion of your home exclusively and regularly for business purposes, then a percentage of your rent (yes, finally renters get a tax break), utilities, homeowners or renters insurance, general maintenance and upkeep, cleaning services, and other "indirect expenses" that you are already paying for in after-tax dollars, could be converted into tax savings business expenses. This deduction alone may entitle you to deduct $4,000 to $5,000. Some restrictions do apply so make yourself aware of them.
Estimated Tax Savings:$4,500

HEALTH CARE COSTS: If you employ any family member part-time in your home-based business, and provide a formal, legally structured "Employee Benefit" called a "Self-Insured Health Cost Reimbursement Plan," you could deduct, as a business expense, every dollar spent on any kind of health care that is not reimbursed under any insurance policy - for your entire family (which includes YOU). This tax savings is worth an average of $3,500 for the typical family of four. There are a few important steps to setting this up.
Estimated Tax Savings:$3,000

COMPUTERS, PHONES, ETC. Equipment which you purchase specifically for use in your small or home-based business, can now be fully depreciated in the year of purchase. This applies to computers, fax machines, printers, routers, scanners, digital cameras, cellular phones, office furniture and most other business equipment.
Estimated Tax Savings:$25,000

MEALS & ENTERTAINMENT: Pick up the tab for dining with or entertaining potential clients, customers, prospects or anyone else who could contribute to the success of your business, entitles you to deduct 50% of the cost. Under certian circumstances, you may also be able to include your spouse and kids, and deduct their expenses also. Do you know how to deduct the cost of your own meal without picking up the tab for the person you talked business with? These are all 100% legal deductions, IF you know and follow some simple rules.
Estimated Tax Savings:$5,000

EVEN THE "ALLOWANCE" YOU PAY YOUR KIDS! Federal Tax Court has ruled that a child as young as 7-years-old can perform meaningful services as an employee of his/her parent(s) in a home-based business. The wages you pay your children are tax deductible for you as a business expense, and the income to the minor is tax-free (up to $5,000 per child, per year). The rules are very specific, but easily followed.
Estimated Tax Savings:$7,500

What Should You Do NEXT?

Join The Savings Highway TODAY

I'm Jim Roche of NJ, Savings Highway Member. When you join the Savings Highway, I will show you how much you are probably overpaying your taxes right now by NOT having a Savings Highway business... (the answer is $5000-$6000 a year!)

And I'll show you how you can get Uncle Sam to pay for the costs of
joining and for operating your Savings Highway business!

When you find out that a Savings Highway home-business will put an extra $400-$500 a month extra cash in your pocket just from the tax savings, you should be ready to sign up for the Savings Highway for this reason alone."

Contact Me:

Jim Roche NJ


Skype Id= jim.roche3

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