SPAMMER WARNING : Sara Destiny, New York, NY, United States

Dear Ning-Members !

today i requested a new group @ the Ning management "Spammer Notifications" so we all can add and warn each other about the Spammers around the Ning-Net.

here is what SARA D puts as comment on profiles:


Hi ...

The extra money has definitely helped.

A friend of mine helped me earn some extra cash on the internet while I
was looking for a job also.

Hope you would love it!

All the best.

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Comment by JenSocial on April 6, 2010 at 8:32pm
Actually I received the request (Jen). I do not work for Ning. The Ning Directory is a 3rd party site and is not owned or managed by Ning. Please see our disclaimer at the bottom of all pages:
Notice: This site is not endorsed by Ning. Although, we are proud to be a Ning powered site, and we support all Ning efforts. Go Ning go! This site (the Ning Directory) was built for Ning Network Creators: where you can meet, exchange ideas, and advertise your Ning Network. We are here to help put your Ning Network on the map by: promoting your Ning, making it easier for potential new members to find your Ning, helping you better optimize your Network, and assisting in matching new members to your Ning Social Network. This site is owned and operated by jmarco and the Ning Directory / Directory of Ning Networks.

I think the idea is GREAT! And, the Group has been created:



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