What is the New Social Community SiteTalk?

A multi-functional and multilingual social network platform The world unites all mankind free. Additionally, there is a free business model for everyone.

Each community member gets back to his personal insight on the turnover and the possible commission.

In the social community portal are all standard features such as

Music, videos, Down and upload Forums, chats, blogs Webshop with point product packages Online games such as poker, etc.
-Establish these contacts as in Xing.

Continue to be planned in SiteTalk: -A Bulletin as Ebay, etc. -A Dating Service for salespeople -A Job
Chat with friends like Msn, Skype ..
Online radio as Winamp, etc.,
Hobby Calendar.

Site Talk range of products.

C-tradable shares on the platform 50, - Forrex Debit MasterCard (100, -) Travel platform in more than 1000 hotels 2 to 6 nights in double rooms.
You pay only dinner and breakfast. .
Saving for 10 nights around 1000, - verifiable
-Next, and Education.

-A program to new customers via the Internet for 2 months included (can be extended in a separate connector) Webshop -z.B. Lotto, and other so-called (Free Products)

For the first time in a social community possible:

SiteTalk rewarded and paid for each user of the active is! SiteTalk will be a loyalty program to the Start thus bringing users can shop in SiteTalk or
may be involved even in the platform.

How does it work?

For the log, there are points and promote user distributed points. This new SiteTalk users must log into the personal sponsor account.

* Sign up Ref Link.

This means that you can with the points that you have earned to go shopping or pay for the upgrade at Unaico Business Partner. That there until now not yet.

Now they have this great opportunity with SiteTalk

What support will you get

  • Training.

  • Free back office.

  • Promotional tools.

  • Company sponsored events.

  • Industry-leading recruitment materials.

  • Car programme for qualified distributors.

  • The best compensation plan in the industry. Probably.

  • Motivational incentives, like trips to exotic tropical paradise destinations.

  • A whole team of people, both in corporate and in your upline network, 100% dedicated to your success.

What skills do you need?

  • Desire.
  • Everything else is included in the Unaico opportunity.

How would I get started?

  • Decide.

  • Speak to the person who invited you.

  • Read the materials in the relevant sections of the website.

  • Go to a live training.

  • Invite people to join SiteTalk. They will be automatically be positioned in your downline. And as they invite people, so will your organisation grow.

Watch the video business präsentation.


Free to join. http://www.sitetalk.com/oldenburg

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