Owning a laptop or notebook computer is essential for many people. Whether it is used for work purposes, Internet surfing, video games or other entertainment is irrelevant. However, one thing is very important; you need the PC or Mac laptop to function properly. Often this involves repairing or replacing specific laptop keyboard keys. As you may have gathered from our website, this can easily be done by you, the laptop computer owner. As for the different types of keys on your computer keyboard, none of them are difficult to manage.

As you can see, laptop computer keys vary in size and shape. While the number and letter keys look virtually the same, keyboard keys like the Spacebar, Shift key, Tab, Delete, or Enter (Return) key are different. So, what is the difference between repairing or replacing an Escape key versus a Command key? Not a whole lot! The truth is, all of these laptop computer keys have similar small parts and mechanisms. In other words, they all have retainer clips or hinges, as well as small rubber cups, which act as springs.

Let’s say you are repairing or replacing a laptop keyboard space bar key. Don’t immediately presume that this will be a difficult task, just because the space bar key is the largest key. It doesn’t work that way. One factor that does make the Spacebar key unique is that it typically has two hinges (retainer clips) and two rubber cup springs. This is simply because it is longer. However, the same techniques can be applied to repair or replace this laptop key. Please keep in mind that we offer all replacement laptop keys for all makes and models.

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