PAN AM: Will Laura Cameron and Ted Vanderway Date?

It has been obvious for PAN AM followers Ted Vanderway is in love with Laura Cameron. Ted doesn't try to hide it. During President Kennedy's speech he reached for hand and later on attempted to kiss her. He is also constantly getting involved in different situations to help her out.

Laura, on the other hand, has been resisting Ted's passes. The show has been leading the audience to believe she is not interested. However, in the latest episode, there seems to be a change in her attitude towards him. During the episode, Laura is harassed by the Captain filling in for Dean as he takes Colette on a date to meet his family.During the flight, the Captain pats her on her bottom and then asks her to lean in over him to clean the flight's instrument panel. As she does that, he attempts to look down her blouse. She catches him and then knocks coffee all over him but acts as though it is an accident.
After the plane lands, the Captain wants to speak with Laura to let her know he would be reporting her for spilling the coffee on him. While he scolding her, Ted steps in and once again saves her. She doesn't know what Ted says to the Captain, but agrees to return the favor for Ted. He quickly asks her to interrupt a date he has with a girl his family set up. 

While Laura waits at the bar of where Ted is having his date for the right time to disrupt it, she runs into the Captain. The Captain tells her the reason he didn't report.....


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PAN AM: Will Laura Cameron and Ted Vanderway Date?

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