PAN AM: Will Kate Cameron ever get out of the CIA?

In the last few episodes of PAN AM, Kate Cameron is trying to get out of the CIA. In the recent episode, she attempts to refuse an assignment, but is threatened with losing her job. She is told, however, that if she completes a final task she can get out.

Her final task is to deliver a cigarette case with a hidden compartment with a hidden list. After she delivers the cigarette case, she learns her job is not over yet. Her next task is to help the CIA break into a safe in a jewelry store to swap out the list in the cigarette case with a list in a safe. 
She goes with the CIA and tries on jewelry. After finding a diamond bracelet she likes, the clerk agrees to deliver it fitted to her hotel that evening. When the clerk shows up to the hotel, the CIA attempts to sneak into the jewelry shop and swap the lists. However, things at the hotel go wrong. Somebody pulls the fire alarm and the clerk becomes nervous and tells Kate she must pick up the bracelet with the check from his shop.

When the clerk returns to his shop, he gets in a scuffle with the CIA. During the fight a gun is knocked down the steps and in front of Kate, who had followed the clerk...


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PAN AM: Will Kate Cameron ever get out of the CIA?

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