PAN AM: Should Dean Choose Colette or Bridget?

At the end of Episode 9 in PAN AM, the audience is left to question whether Dean Lowrey is going to be in the middle of drama between Colette Valois and the girl he wanted to get married to, Bridget

In Episode 9, Dean takes Colette to meet his parents and to fly. When they arrive at his parents house, they ask if he brought Bridget with him. He had not told them things didn't work out with Bridget. After pushing the questions when they arrived aside, his father presses him during dinner causing Colette to get upset and leave the table. 
Dean follows her outside and she joins his parents in questioning why he hadn't told them about Bridget. He explains to her that he just hasn't talked to them and that there was something that wasn't "real" about Bridget and he never brought her to meet his parents. He tells Colette there is something real with her and that's why he decided to bring her to meet them. 

Colette accepts his apology and explanation. She appears to be falling...

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PAN AM: Should Dean Choose Colette or Bridget?

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