In this article, let us understand the concept of Online Astrology, which is very popular these days. First of all let’s understand what is Online? In general, "online" indicates a state of connectivity, while "offline" indicates a disconnected state. In common usage, "online" often refers to the Internet or the World-Wide Web. Being online means connected to the world through internet while sitting in the comforts of your house, office or any place what so ever. By being online you can contact a broad spectrum of people.

Astrology literally means "the Science of the Stars". It contains both the idea of an organized body of knowledge of the cosmos, along with the way the stars "speak" to us, or give meaning to our lives. More importantly, Astrology shows how the energies of the solar system affect us. A person who practices astrology is called an astrologer.
Astrology can give us insight into all manner of situations, from the personal to the political and from the most intimate to the most mundane. Because astrologers generally take a holistic view of the world, we can see that there is a spiritual connection between all things, even the planets, stars and us.
Astrology is followed in different countries as per their tradition most popular are Hindu Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Western Astrology, Islamic Astrology, Hellenistic astrology, Tibetan astrology and Vietnamese astrology.
Online Astrology means connected with the astrologers through internet all over the world and being able to consult/discuss with them on any situation and seek guidance from them. As of now, due to the growing popularity of the internet, this is the best way to know whether we are going in the right direction considering our birth stars placement and expert advice from those who can read star movements.

To end it, I conclude, based on my own experience that since technology is growing in all the fields, the faith of people is also growing in astrology and other sciences. People are following the divination sciences and getting benefitted with whatever is being suggested by the experts.

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