Ok I am going put this out to the Ningverse. And see what comes to me. Last time I put something out it was to as for a place to be. That failed. O was told not to do so in some places. Many telling of good thoughts. Sending of well wishes and luck, but in this day and age those are words that have little worth within the social structure. And can hardly be spend for the items we need. So in Virginia I am, with items in Ohio and the trailer in Michigan.
I have been a Renaissance Fare/Medieval Artist/Crafter Vendertainer for over 20 years. In the fall of the 2008 season the truck used lost its engine. In a choice it was decided to abandon it and rent trucks to finish the fall schedule. This took to soon what we had quicker than we figured in resources. With over a month more to look forward to we thought we could sell enough to gain another truck. That roll of the cosmic dice failed. For the shows did not bring to us what they should of.
So now a year later. With out a being able to get a job or true place to be. I have lost most of my company. My Companion of ten years has returned to her family in Missouri with our three year old son. For there is no money to support or purchase a truck and return to the life we had.
So the offering of teaching and showing has been brought forth. A partnership of sorts. I can offer a full rig of Faire and events. Tent, Vardar, and items to sell. As well as the shows I am know to. That can be rebooked. Up to 66 show days I believe I can recoup with out difficultly. There are a little over 100 possible during a year in common shows and 20 to 30 of extended shows.
What I need is a person or persons that can front a 17 foot or up to a 28 foot box truck {U-Haul sells them}. A Canvas has to be had as well that is about 4,000 USD in cost and I have someplace to make it. Our trademark tent canvas was over used to its end and replacement hast to be done. Some supplies need to be had to replace what was used up or replace things that do not survive the storage of the trailer. The 4 tires for it need to be replaced to ensure safe to travel upon after sitting for so long. Then the fuel/gas. And fees for shows.
I spent most of the summer trying for a lone to do this and was shot down many times. For all wanted the data required in ‘their’ forms ‘their’ format and ‘their’ way. I still have most of this typed up some where.
The offer is that if one or many takes this up to do. For a three years period the first year I will be as a Booth/show manager and they the boss. For I will teach them how and what of things. The second year we can run two tents or booths if one wants to start to expand and do one own. By the third year you should be able to run and book you own shows as well. Or we can just continue with the partnership.
Many have good intentions and advice and can tell one of how and what and should do. This I have suffered through for a year. What I need now is one or some to state they will help in the way I need.
Simple Truck, canvas, supplies, fuel and fees. For the Learning of a trade to learn how to make things. To find a style of the old knowledge and ways once again and freedom of the old.

Many think I should give up. Others just tell me how and what I should do. And when I ask them if they will help they fade or run from the words they just said. But with jobs so scarce. And places that take 45 to 90 days to decide upon someone. Or the fact I have no documents proving the knowledge of things I can do. Socially I am losing faster than I want. So to the populace I place this. And wait of words of hope and willingness to do this. And will see just if the placing this into the cosmic and universe works out. Or if I am truly lost and will never regain what I had once. My ways, my company, the Companion I love and our son.

Up to you now, I wait for the good of things to come. If you look to my profile you will find the Hearth site the last holding of what I have. Perhaps you or more then one will come and ensure that not all is lost. Some may tell me this is spamm. Some may consider it advertising. I am making a plea for help. Perhaps they will relies that and let it be and the words speak for me.

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