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Golden Star Social currently has 32 lists embedded in training and information posts. Have you used Do you find it useful?

I fell in love with when I made my first list. I had lists on my computer, my web sites, in notebooks, bookmarks and on pieces of paper. Was I ever happy to find for lists to help me with my organization to bring all these loose ends together in one place.

I decided the best way to show how to use the site for content is with the use of a list created on In the list below, you will find several articles on How to Use The articles show various uses of this content tool at its best! Below the articles are steps to get started with and how to use it.

I have included three "how to" videos below the list for your convenience, as well.

Simply stated, is an online social media venue that allows you to curate lists that are then viewed by others. You can embed these lists in various formats such as "gallery" and "magazine" into your own website pages.

Creating lists is simple. Go to the site, join for free and click create a ‘new list’, then put in a name and description. Start adding your content and you have your first list. It's that simple. Be sure to use the advanced options to enter tags, a header image and links back to your website.

One feature is to instruct your readers to ‘like’, ‘dislike’, comment or add their own items to the list. The lists may be re-organized based on viewer popularity.

One advantage is that when you embed your lists in blogs or website, you offer your readers an asset that you own. gives you the option of uploading your own customized banners in the heading of the lists which gives your brand continuity. My hope is that when another member uses one of my lists, my banner will bring them back to my site. What a great way to get organic traffic.




Your Calls to Action are as follows:

  • Join (free)
  • Create your first list.
  • Embed it in your website.
  • Leave a link in the comment section below that will lead us to your embedded list.

Happy listing!


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