Someone to admire and emulate, someone who is of noble character.
The key to being “a real mensch” is nothing less than character, rectitude, dignity, and a sense of what is right, responsible, and decorous.
Here is my humble attempt to help you achieve mensch-dom.
Help people who cannot help you.
A mensch helps people who cannot ever return the favor. They have a sense of what is the right thing to do
You’re a mensch when you give and just know in your heart it was the right thing to do.

Like going to a market watching a elderly person counting their change trying to buy a simple necessity, and you buy it for them or hand them a few dollars, smile and walk away.

A little story:::
I once was in a drive through with my little boy sometime back in the early nineties, and there was a cop car behind me so I gave the woman enough to pay for his meal as well when it was my time to pay.

An hour later his staff Sergeant called me out of the blue, and stated that I was a powerful witness of G-D for that officer as they had been trying to get that particular man to accept G-D in his life…and The Staff Sergeant thanked me.
Being in the inner-city work as I was I knew first hand from the police chaplain that some of these boys were breaking down on the beat in tears. What I did was spontaneous not expecting anything in return.
But the Master made sure I knew HE was in it.

You never know why you do what you do so just do it
I did a writing many years ago called ‘For reasons unknown’
You just do some things and the reasons for them become clear at a later time.

It may be Divine’ in nature, and all you have to do is be a conduit of the Divine.
Help without the expectation of return.
Think upon this:::
Your neighbor has their hands full with many kids and you perceive they are having a hard times, so you leave a box of goodies on their steps, and walk away expecting nothing in return.

A mensch helps people without the expectation of return--at least in this life, for Ha’Shem will see it, and that is what counts the most.
The greatest payoff is the pure satisfaction of helping others.
Nothing more,…Nothing less than that.

There is also the Hebrew word Tzedakah’ which is the justice that all people desire an equality of sorts.
That all of us in the Divine eyes, are responsible for one another.
Tzedakah - Charity
"Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh." ="All YIsrael is responsible for one another." (Talmud Shavuot 39a)
"The righteous considereth the cause of the poor:~ but the wicked regardeth not to know it.
["Proverbs 29:7]
Simply, ….In the essence of the divine creation we all came from the same womb.
We all came from the created womb of G-D, therefore we all need to find intimacy within that framework and within that is His creative love one for another.
The worst way to give is makes us feel too good and the poor person is humiliated by having to look in our face and be grateful to the giver.
It lacks humility, which is not nice.
However sometimes it is the only way to give. So do not fret over the small things the bigger picture is the witness that G-D himself cared so much that He stepped out of His heaven through a simple human being with substance and love.
Really if we worked together as a team then perhaps we could get to the roots of poverty and try and do something instead of just skimming the surface with cliché’s of love.
IMHO~Real bread, feeds real hunger.
~~1. Help many people.
Mensch~dom is a numbers game: you should help many people, so you don't hide your generosity under a bushel. (Of course, not even a mensch can help everyone ~Teamwork is what counts) To try to do so would mean failing to help anyone
~~2. Do the right thing the right way.
A mensch always does the right thing the right way. Keep a right attitude. There is a bright, clear line between right and wrong, and a true mensch never crosses that line.
~~3. Pay back society.
A mensch realizes that he's blessed by Ha’Shem in so many ways, Health and healing are just a few of the benefits.
Like an entrepreneur a mensch is blessed with vision and passion to make a change in the lives of others.
Working together with others of like heart, they then have the ability to recruit, raise money, and change the world. These blessings come with the obligation to pay back G-d, and help change society.

The baseline is that we owe something to G-D for this opportunity to serve HIM and one another on the journey up to HIS mountain.

Really we are in this world to obtain the SHEKINAH LIFE.

The world,.... Is it perfect?

No…Not until ten Gentiles take hold of one Jews garment and go up to Jerusalem, will it be time for the final party.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mensch (Yiddish: מענטש mentsh, German for human being) means “a person of integrity and honor”[1]. The direct opposite of a Mensch is an Unmensch (meaning: an utterly cruel or evil person). According to Leo Rosten, the Yiddish maven and author of The Joys of Yiddish, mensch is “someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character. The key to being “a real mensch” is nothing less than character, rectitude, dignity, a sense of what is right, responsible, decorous”[2]. In Yiddish (from which the word has migrated into American English), mensch roughly means “a good person.” A “mensch” is a particularly good person, like “a stand-up guy,” a person with the qualities one would hope for in a dear friend or trusted colleague. Mentschlekhkeyt (Yiddish: מענטשלעכקייט) are the properties which make one a mensch. In Modern Israeli Hebrew, the phrase Ben Adam (בן אדם) is used as an exact translation of Mensch. Though it usually means simply “a person” (literally, “son of Adam”) in general, it is used to mean “a nice guy” in the same way as mensch. This usage may have developed by analogy with Yiddish or by adaptation from Arabic (from which colloquial Israeli Hebrew takes much vocabulary), in which the cognate construction Bani Adam (بني آدم) has the same meaning. The Arabic parallel suggests that the idiom may be of Semitic origin, and may have migrated from Hebrew to Yiddish rather than the other way around
From Answers. com
It's not only Yiddish speakers who are advised to be a mensch, act like a mensch and associate with mensches — the word has made its way into mainstream English. It is used to great effect by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman
"'Be a mensch,' my parents told me. Literally, a mensch is a person. But by implication, a mensch is an upstanding person who takes responsibility for his actions.
The people now running America aren't mensches."

I can only hope this helps someone on this group<><>Perhaps you can tell a friend<>Shalom Aleichem~~”J&T”

For another level to your walk,.... Read about being a Beinoni, which means "Intermediate."
Tanya opens with a Talmudic passage: "Every Jew, before he is born, is administered an oath: 'Be righteous, and be not wicked'" -- if it is not possible for you to achieve the level of the righteous, at least do not be wicked; be a 'Beinoni - intermediate.'

[Co-Authored Madewell & Hamilton]

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