Now yawl leave me and Paula Dean alone
Yeah we like ham hocks and sucking on a bone
Don’t worry bout us we may be a little chubby
But at least we can say we still have a hubby
Some people child dear just ain’t got no business
I wrote this poem to tell you just keep your darn distance
Cause me and Paula Dean we got it like that
Yeah she may have Diabetes but she ain’t too fat
And by the way people what biz it is of yours
If she like good food and it sticks to her pores
Find something to do and leave Paula alone
Call 411 for information and find yourself a loan
To buy you some business apparently you are lacking
Getting all up in hers yours must be still slacking
You should be at home relaxing and macking
While you are worried about Paula’s
Your business is jacking
And by the way child I’m losing weight for my health
But it does not mean it want be anything left
I’m not doing it for you but for my health and my life
I am making better choices and eating what’s right
Elaine taylorbrown

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