Looking for a Word Press Coach to help me get a Forum started

I have a solid little site on Ning providing support for emergency and disaster responders: http://EDRS-Support.com

I had also started a new site for life coaching http://promiselifecoach.com . I had just started one on Ning, heard the announcement and decided to try doing one in WordPress. Right now one of the challenges is that I see sites that have a forum built into the site ... or somehow linked so it looks built into the site. I am seeking help to set one up for my site, because peer to peer coaching will be an necessary part of what my site will need to succeed.

If you were to have the knowledge to guide me through the process, I would be very thankful.

Please contact me at david@promiselifecoach.com



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Comment by David Ebel on July 8, 2010 at 8:01pm
We have the site up but still need assistance. http://promiselifecoach.com . I had a really bad experience installing Buddypress on my own. How do I find Vince so I can be sure I do not mess the site up?

Thanks for the advice.

Comment by Carny Town on July 8, 2010 at 7:45pm
It is pretty basic and easy to set up wordpress IF you have a server. Without your own server (ie..godaddy, mtgrid, etc.) it is difficult to do a good wordpress social networking site. You can go to wordpress.com and set up a free hosted one but there are limitations on certain scripts and so on. I am not sure that you can add Buddypress to one of the free ones but now with the advent of 3.0...it may be possible. Please understand that in order to make wordpress into a social network, you need the buddypress plugin. Wordpress in itself, stand alone is a blogging program, not a social network...but with enough time and patience you can turn it into one. Check with Vince at Buddpress, he can advise you and possibly provide the services you need.


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