My husband Allan was diagnosed with a lymphoma 10 years ago, Im lucky in the sense that my husband is still with me ten years on and is feeling fine so far and now only attending the hospital once per year as a safety net. We have been on the other end as both his parents died of cancer, his mother at an early age, which was hard as she never saw the grandchildren that came along. Cancer not only effects the person that is unfortunate to contract it, but it effects all the family around as well. My children were in their teens and still they had a hard job coming to terms with the fact that they may loose their dad at again an early age. We were all strong for each other giving support when needed, and also my husband who was the one going through it, was a tremondous support to all of us. He would tell us to go about things on a daily basis as per usual and not to think of him having cancer. He had a lymphoma, which was a large growth at the top of his leg. He underwent surgery for them to say that it was cancer which in turn made things difficult, as when they decided to start chemotherapy immediately he had a large cut with stitches across the length of the lump on his leg. Once the chemo had started he then had lilttle or no immune system so therefore this scar, trying to heal was taking a long time and we had to be extra careful that he did not get any infection. Thankfully the chemotherapy worked and just to be extra sure he had an intensive burst of radiotherapy which was daily for 2 weeks. It was a long hard fight, but you just have to get on with it, you dont have a choice. I know that it is hard to go to the doctors for that first visit, fear of knowing that you may have that dreaded cancer, but please be brave, my husband is proof that if caught in time you can get your life back. It was a long haul and a strain for all but now i still have him here, the kids still have their dad, and my husband has now 2 grandchildren that he adores, that he thought at one point he might never see. Support each other and stay positive, we wish anyone out there who is suffering our best wishes and we hope that it all goes well for anyone concerned. Our thoughts are with you all.. LOVE JENNY+ ALLAN XXX
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