Lightyear Wireless "The only company that pays You to be a customer."

Lightyear Wireless
A cutting edge company founded on principes destined to revolutionize the home business industry.

Are you thinking about starting your business with Lightyear Wireless? If so... "You can join the Fastest Growing Team in Lightyear Wireless, and Receive GUARANTEED INCOME with our Proven Marketing System! Dear Colleague: I'll keep this real simple...
For the past 20+ years, we have experienced a phenomenon called the Wireless Industry. Big Companies are the only ones that have made any money... Right now, $11 Billion is spent on wireless phones Every Month, and NO ONE gets paid? Well, that ENDS today! For the first time in United States business history, there is a way for you and me to get PAID when people use their Cell Phones. How big a deal is this? Well, let me ask you this. Do you know anyone who doesn't have a mobile phone? It's actually getting hard to find someone who doesn't own one. Mobile phones have become so common and so necessary, they're almost like air; we can't live without them! How much does your household spend on wireless bills per month? $100? $200? $500? Americans alone spend over $11 Billion per month on wireless phone bills and no one in history has ever been paid Residually on those bills! There are over 250 Million Wireless Customers in the United States. Could you imagine how wealthy you would become if you only received just a piece of their bill every single month? How Do You Get In On This Revolution? By becoming a part of the fastest growing team in Lightyear Wireless. You see, I've decided to make it super-easy for you to learn how to start, grow, and maintain a successful home-based business in the Wireless Industry. By aligning yourself with our company and allowing the most Experienced and Accomplished leaders work with you, we will ensure your success. Unfortunately, many people who talk about getting rich, making money, and starting a profitable home business, never have been successful themselves. "Why waste your time on empty smoke and theory when you can learn from those who have already made it in this industry?" Personally ... I've always believed in the principle -- "Model someone who's already reached the goal you want to achieve." Living by this principle, I have seen my financial success skyrocket, achieving tremendous results. Results that put me at a strong position in Lightyear Wireless, A manager for now, and a strong futre! Below, you can see real life testimonials of people just like you and me that have become FINANCIALLY FREE from this business. Just look at these real-life examples of what this program has done for these people...
The only thing wrong with having dreams is reality. Lightyear Wireless can make your dreams a reality. And even better, like me, making your reality even better than your dreams." Reco McDaniel
Lightyear Wireless has given me my life back…..There are no limits to my income." Ellen Winn
I joined Lightyear Wireless because its so simple. I ran a traditional business for 19 years, and did well, but I never had any freedom. Now I'm living the lifestyle I've always wanted and making even more money than I ever expected!--- Elmer Newkirk

Before Lightyear Wireless, I was a minivan driving soccer mom. Because of this opportunity, I'm generating income for my family and I'm still there for my children”… Mary Jo Zimmerly
After researching hundreds of companies and seeing the leadership from Lightyear Wireless , I got excited! That's why I chose Lightyear Wireless and you should too"… Steve Bono
Lightyear Wireless is an opportunity that can provide TOTAL financial and time freedom regardless of educational background or job experience. Everyone is on a level playing field and has an equal possibility to hit a financial homerun!" Dr. Les Rekeweg
Now listen up: I will teach you a turn-key, proven, and exciting system that will literally show you how to achieve all of your financial goals, without spending a ton of money or time! No matter who you are or where you are from, Lightyear Wireless is for you! You don't have to be innovative, creative, or computer savvy to do this business and make a Ton Of Money! All you need is a little Desire, A Couple Hours Each Week, and A Positive Attitude. If you have all that, you are ready to get started. Imagine learning how to build a $100,000 or more yearly income, and never leaving your own home, doing it at your own leisure, and having a lot of FUN in the process. With Lightyear Alliance, you can do it! What Makes Lightyear Wireless The Best Opportunity in America? We GUARANTEE your income. You can be a complete failure, and still make money with our business! No "new" money coming from the pockets of your friends and family... in fact, it's less. Offering a consumer-based product that people use every day of their lives. Cell Phones! No traveling to and from work. Residual Income. Getting paid month after month, and year after year from the work you do today. No prior experience needed - if you can check your email and dial a phone number, you are set. No overhead, no employees, no restrictions on working hours, NO LIMIT TO YOUR INCOME! Free Online and Live Training to teach you how to make money in this business. And That's Not All! "Enjoy the benefits of offering EVEN MORE products that people use every day! ... And Get PAID when people use them". As part of our program, you will have access to many other products and services in addition to our HOT Wireless services. With This, you'll be able to MAKE MONEY WHEN PEOPLE USE ANY ONE OF THESE SERVICES! And You'll Get Paid When They Use Them! Telecom Products

Voice Over IP International Calling Cards Local Phone Service Long Distance Service High-Speed Internet Dial-Up Internet Business Telecom Services Toll-Free 800 numbers Unlimited Conference Calling Non-Telecom Products Dish Network & Direct TV Cable TV Home Security Systems Lightyear XStream Energy Drinks Discount Travel Much More Coming Soon! What you will get is: Step-by-step teaching on how to build your MLM/Network Marketing Business from proven INDUSTRY LEADERS Daily training, both online, via phone, and live person-to-person training to help you learn how to grow your business. Store, An Internet-Marketing web system to help you build online. FREE Online management software to keep track of your customers and representatives All inclusive, unlimited supply of marketing and collateral material (Fliers, Brochures, etc.) 24-Hour Customer Service for your customers On-Call Representative Support staff to assist you DAILY! Guaranteed Income! If you are ready to learn what this is all about, you must do two things right now... 1. Forget Everything You've Ever Heard About Making Money. 2. Promise Yourself That You Will Watch The Entire Video Tour On If you cannot commit to both of these, then click off of this page. However, if you can make a commitment of another 30 minutes and SEE FOR YOURSELF how this program will change your life forever, then give us your name and email address on the website so that I know you have visited my site.
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Find more videos like this on Buy My CD Get A Cellphone FREE!

Find more videos like this on Buy My CD Get A Cellphone FREE!

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