by: Gerald P. Simmons Jr. When life gets tuff and moving forward is a must, just remember why you are doing it and in that vision you trust. When the path you are taking is constantly on an incline When the packets are empty but the bills keep rolling in When it seems like you are always trying to push troubles off of your chest. Remember this is not the time for you to rest, get up and continue to follow that vision and
"Just Say Yes". Life is hard and it will do you wrong, There's no way to excape it's twist and turns. Your success will come in due time as long as you continue to stay on your grind. Although the road ahead will make you think twice, just keep that vision of that new life. The world can be cruel and unfair: When life gets the hardest, You cannot allow yourself to get blinded by the fear! Keep dreaming your dream Keep creating your reality Keep holding on to your faith Keep going after that vision So when your time comes and the world ask are you ready You can confidently
"JUST SAY YES"!!!!! Who is Gerald "KING of PROSPERITY" Simmons, Let's get back to the basics ---------> <-------check out this ongoing article about me! Join in if you want to!!

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