Jersey Shore: Was Jionni LaValle right for breaking up with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi the way he did?

Snooki's boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, visits the Jersey Shore house in Italy to see her for the first time over the summer, and it was a complete disaster. They go out clubbing and Snooki dances really provocative with other people. When Jionni sees her, he flips out.
Jionni starts yelling at her and saying things like "you're dancing like a fucking whore" and "everyone can see your pussy." He storms out of the club and is chased by Snooki, but she is so drunk she ends up falling on her face. Ronnie and JWOWW both catch up to him and try to calm him down. He refuses to listen to them and continues to storm of. Eventually everyone leaves him and goes to the house. 
When Jionni finally comes home, Snooki runs to the window, sees him, and lets him in. She goes to meet Jionni and they run towards each other going opposite directions on the steps, however, instead of stopping Jionni runs right past Snooki and goes upstairs to the bathroom. 
With Snooki outside the door crying, he finally lets her in and asks if she remembered flashing her privates at everyone in the club. After she mumbles some nonsense, Jionni tells her "You screwed with me" and "Get out of here. See ya. You're single."
Snooki finally gets into bed and then Jionni packs his stuff and gets out of there. The cast lets him go without much effort of stopping him.  Snooki tries to run downstairs at the last second, but it was too late and Jionni was already gone. As Snooki cries she yells "I'm really a good girlfriend" and "I didn't cheat on you. I didn't do anything. Maybe I'm a little crazy when I drink, but that's it. I don't understand why he left me, because he knows I love him."
The next day he calls his parents to change his flight out of Italy. Before leaving he sees Snooki one...
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