Alex was a good at nothing net addict who would spend hours and hours on the net searching for “ how to get rich quick online” tips and tricks. After couple of months he could find no trustworthy way of getting rich quickly, though after reading numerous blogs and articles he himself became capable of writing such nonsense.

He was disappointed and would often discuss the same with his friends that there is no such thing like easy money on the net. He would spend hours talking against the benefits of the net and would tell his friends that
internet is good for nothing and especially the social media sites have been hyped without any reason.

One of his friend Amy a SEO by profession, told him that the net was full of possibilities and it’s the way he sees the things. If he works hard and he can find gold, however if he is looking for easy routes and the he is sure to be disappointed . Amy, further suggested to him that since he spends so many hours on the net , he
could surely write about all the interesting things that he comes across. She gave him a game plan to work upon and see for himself if the net is full of infinite possibilities or not ?

The game plan was

  • Identify his niche (simple focus on what you love, dogs, cars, paintings etc.)
  • Create a Blog free on blogger
  • Start blogging every week (consistency was the key)
  • Create account on linkedin, facebook, twitter
  • Join groups and follow people within your niche
  • Promote the links of your blog through social media etc.
  • Put adsense and enroll into some good paying affiliate program
  • The key was keep writing good stuff and keep promoting in the relevant places without spamming

Alex took it as a 30 day challenge, and gave it a shot. He fumbled more than twice however every time he failed to keep up with his challenge, he would dust himself up and restart the process. Initially he would force
himself into doing this however later on he fall into love with blogging thanks to his growing fanbase who would encourage him to write and wait impatiently for his blog to appear.

Alex was happy with the small success though not satisfied ! Why? Because adsense and affiliate program was giving him peanuts for his blogs and he wanted to earn more to pay his bills. Then he started giving online training on how to build a popular blog for a relatively low price. Initially it didn’t work but later on he started getting queries and more conversion.Then one day, to his surprise he got a job offer to work as a freelance blogger from one of his linkedin contact.

Alex couldn't believe it that networking on a social media site could actually land him with a job !

Slowly and surely Alex was on his road to success. He thanked Amy for showing him the right way to succeed.

Moral of the story:

Mantra to one’s success on the net is nothing new :Work hard, make good connections, keep trying something new , keep exploring new opportunities, have lots of patience and you will succeed. And top if it – there is no easy way to succeed!

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Comment by Susan Daniels on July 21, 2012 at 4:21am

Down to earth advice and in such a nice delivery. Warmly, Susan

Comment by JenSocial on July 6, 2010 at 12:28am
Thank you - - excellent read!


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