How to Advertise on 10's of Thousands of NING pages

The Business Ad Center just launched and is currently and very successfully partnering up with ning Network Creators to provide Advertisers and Online Marketing Guru's an advanced Advertising Platform.

The idea is simply and yet unique! Advertise your business, website or products on tens of thousands of pages but add it only once on the Business Ad Center!!!

Current Promo: Earn $5 one-time for every personally referred Advertiser instantly to your paypal account!

The Business Ad Center offers three types of memberships:

Free Members - have limited access to the Business Ad Center and NO text ad privileges!

Publishers - have full access to the Business Ad Center and limited text ad privile: 1 Text Ad/Day.

Publishers agree to add the Business Ad Center Advertisments RSS text Box to their NING Community and receive not only a free membership to advertise and use all community features they also receive $0.20/month for every single active Advertiser on The Business Ad Center! Publishers must be ning Owners/Network Creators with minimum of 100 members and are required to add the RSS text box to the top right column so ads are displayed on all pages throughout the individual NING Community. That's it! Place the RSS once and enjoy advertising on all NING Sites yourself while earning money on the side!

Advertisers - have full access to the Business Ad Center and unlimited text ad priviles!

Advertiser is currently $19.95/month for first 20 Advertisers, then $29.95/month which still is less than a dollar per day. For the paid memberhip you can enjoy unlimited advertisement on all pages of participating ning Sites which is already tens of thousands of pages!!! Advertisers also enjoy all community features and can advertise freely, free leads, business tools and can receive a free broadast message to be sent out to all members of The Business Ad Center

As anyone can tell the idea is genius yet simple and affordable for all individuals wanting to advertise their businss with less efforts, with simply one mouse click only!

Current Promo: Refer an active Advertiser to The Business Ad Center and receive $5

one-time Bonus immediately

they alread added following Publishers:

Marketing Center, Professional business network,entrepreneurs and new to online business.Providing free training, software,tools and mindset for


The Business Ad
, a subscription based Community Site which partnered up
with Ning Network Creators to provide a way for Advertisers to
publish their Text Advertising on all Partner Sites with one

Successful Women Network, a Social and Business Community geared towards women of today's world! Successful Women Network just started in December of

Online Shopping Mall, a "One-Stop" shopping &
business social network created by a "family" of merchants offering
value, unique treasures, and convenience!

World's Largest Forum.NET not a ning Community but still able to add RSS through vbulletins RSS Reader. World's largest Forum is a Forum
with 30+ Main Categories and 2000+ Forums and Subforums. Latest
Posts (including RSS posts) will be displayed on World's Largest
Forum's front page and will remain permanently in the RSS
RSS Feed located at

Work at Home Divas, an online Networking Community with resources and tools
to help women entrepreneurs grow their business or find a home
based business opportunity.

Greg Lightning, a ning Community for Online
Business Opportunities. Learn Attraction Marketing the Right

and much more...

If I were you I wouldnt' wait to see how the Site will grow, I'd be th first one (which I was lol) to join in on this unique concept!

Successful Women Network

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