GBBO Offers Free UK Business Web Site, Omits Essentials

GBBO (Getting British Business Online) is a laudable effort, but leaves out the most essential ingredient for online
sales success: true eCommerce capability and SEO Search Engine Optimization).
By adding (or even retro-fitting) true ecommerce capability, one can continue
the journey to eCommerce success inexpensively and efficiently.

Soon after setting up a GBBO web site, true eCommerce success can be produced as simply as copying/pasting some simple HTML into your new web pages.

Anyone anywhere can 'clone' the free GBBO web site resource and actually do better (sales-wise) by choosing eCommerce resources that will result in actual sales success as opposed to a mere 'presence' as GBBO offers. Here's how
you can do it:

Taking advantage of a set of tools that are already free, GBBO partnered with BT and Google to provide a free domain name and the web site building resources a small businessperson would need to build a nice web site without technical

You can get a free domain name at this link but if you are prepared to pay $6.99 you can also get one at goDaddy. Google sites has already offered a very
good free web site resource for some time and is continuously improving.
Payment processing services are provided by
- which many new merchants start off with because it's easy to deploy
with a simple copy/paste operation but which does not offer full ecommerce and
SEO capability as a complete eCommerce
will offer.

Fortunately, anytime a web owner wishes, they can retro-fit (by copy/paste) real ecommerce with effective SEO to their web site - just join 800Cart and offer your shoppers real eCommerce shopping, and watch
sales grow through real search engine optimization (for more on
800Cart SEO, see our videos on youtube).

The author is a senior executive at 800Cart Shopping Cart/SEO an advanced ecommerce solution that combines cart, chackout and payment processing PLUS highly advanced, relevant SEO in one simple solution that takes only minutes to set up and copy/paste onto your web site (any web site).

See our entire line of highly useful eCommerce/SEO videos at

Cross-posted with additional details in our eCommerce and SEO Libarary

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