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Vinefire is an experiment...a work in progress. Fun, profitable, exciting.

Imagine a website where you can earn money for simply posting and clicking on links to shocking news, funny videos, great savings and more. The

best links quickly rise to the top and the worst are buried as all members vote on links submitted by everyone else.

How to Earn
Click Posted Links: Log in, then go to the home page and click on any of the links posted by members. You'll currently earn $0.45 for each link you visit.

The links will turn gray once you have visited them.
Click Sponsor Links: Visiting our sponsors helps our website grow. Sponsor links are currently worth $0.50 per click.
Vote on Links: Use the icons on the home page to vote up () links you like or vote down () links you don't like. You'll currently earn $0.55 each time

you vote.
Add Links: If you have a link to an interesting web page that you think people will like, just visit the Add Link page. You'll currently earn $0.12 every

time someone votes "up" on your link. (Until you reach your daily earnings limit).
Share with Friends: Have a friend that would like our website? Visit our Share page to get your personal referral link. You'll currently earn 50% of your

friends earnings every time they click a link, vote on a link, or add a link.

Earn Even More

Currently, new members can only earn up to $5.00/day. If you would like to earn more, you can verify your account for a small fee ($5). Verifying your

account takes about 2 minutes and will instantly raise your daily earnings limit to $50.00/day.

How to Join

Simply visit our Join page and enter your email address. That's it. Be sure to use an email address that you'll have for years to come.

Common Questions
When will I get paid? The first payment is scheduled to be sent January 31, 2010. After that, we will begin sending weekly payments to all members.
Why not pay sooner? Vinefire is currently in "beta" mode. That means that we are testing to make sure the site will be profitable in a long-term way

before we begin sending regular payments. Committing to regularly scheduled payments too early could cause the website to collapse before it really

gets a chance to get started.

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