Discount Clubs Info Announces The Savings Highway MLM Unique Marketing Strategy

The potential of the MLM industry is that if everybody were doing what they were supposed to be doing, the entire group would be rich. The problem is, that everybody is not doing what they are suppose to be doing. The fact of the matter is, that most people who sigh up for MLM programs, never follow through, or give up after a month or so. The result is that the few, who are truly committed, end up having no one, or very few people, in their downline, and out of those, how many are seriously motivated to work the program? There are usually not enough motivated people for anyone to make any real money. Of course, there are exceptions to this. The testimonies of those making huge amounts of money a month are well known, but alas, this is not the fate of most. Now, most MLM companies have good products, whether their products are health care, skin care, diet supplements, vitamin supplements, magnates or any number of other things being sold over the Internet. So what is the problem?

Chuck, from Illinois, put it this way, "The host of this B & B where I was staying was a Distributor for [a certain MLM business] and got me to join his "downline". Over the next couple of years I tried to build a business. $25,000 wasted. Friends lost. No money made. I think network marketing only works for rich people with rich friends. I finally dropped out."

Basically, what Chuck was saying, was that he finally have up trying to sell something that nobody wanted or at less only a handful wanted, but not enough to make a difference. The unique marketing strategy of The Savings Highway is just the opposite. Instead of trying to sell something that most people don’t want, they are giving away something that everybody wants. All right, "giving away" is too misleading of a term. In short, they have instituted a plan, in which members are able get their entire membership fee back per month, and them some, without ever working the business aspect of the company.

Steve Gresham, the CEO of Savings Highway, has said something, to the effect, that his goal is not to sell products, but to help people both save money and make money. He wants to help people live a better life, without them having to be constantly worried about loosing their jobs, how they will live if the economy fails, or what they will do in their old age. He also has said, that if things get tough, people might stop taking vitamins, cut back on health care products, or disconnect their cable TV, but no one in going to stop trying to save money. No one is going to cut back on a plan that gives him or her a chance to save more money than the plan costs, even if they never choose to do it as a business. Mr. Gresham used this illustration (paraphrase), "If you give me $100 and I give you $500 back, is that something you’d be interested in?"

However, it’s business plan gives one the opportunity to make enough money to live on, and more, without having to work a 9 – 5 job, that could disappear at any moment. So, what is the Savings Highway all about? To quote myself from another article, "…depending on the plan, this discount program provides access to free 24 hour roadside assistance (GE), a free family legal plan, a family dental plan (Aetna), a family vision plan and discount prescriptions. For those who enjoy dining out, they offer restaurant coupons, "Buy One Get One Free" or savings certificates. These certificates point to restaurants that allow one to purchase $25 restaurant gift certificates, for as little as $2.00 to $5.00 or so, each with no limit, on how many can be purchased. Last month they offered these for $1.00 each". It also provides savings on groceries, shopping, Entertainment, travel, hotels, moving services, car and truck rental and even tax saving, only to mention a few.

Who wouldn’t want to save money? But what about making money? The Savings Highway should have this slogan, "Give me two motivated people and we’ll help you to retire in 12 months". They don’t say it exactly like that, but that’s the whole concept. To retire early, you don’t need to recruit hundreds of people. All you need is two. You don’t need three or four and ten. All you need is two. If you introduce two motivated people, and then help them introduce two motivated people each, theoretically that’s all you’ll ever have to do. Steve Gresham states, "You will be rewarded month after month for helping them just one time! Then, as they help their new Members to introduce 2 each, and so on, everyone wins and you are on your way…" The secret is to choose carefully and make sure that your two people are motivated and their two people are motivated and so on. Motivated people can make the difference between success and failure. Of course, you don’t have to stop with two. The way the plan works, the more people you introduce, the more money you make.

In today's economy, it seems like everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and Save Money, and more and more people are looking for a legitimate way to earn extra income. Steve Gresham asserts, "Savings Highway Provides Both".

Ed and Nancy Vacin are the webmasters of Discount Clubs Info and Ed is the author of this article. Did you find these tips on saving money helpful? If so, you can find out a lot more, by visiting both the above website and The Savings Highway or by calling 918-955-8978 and see how you can save money on a multitude of other items that you normally use.

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