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When it comes to boys, any parent knows that the secret for a fun time includes selecting just the right scenerios. As the parent of two boys, I can vouch for the fact that boys tend to be innately energetic, inquisitive, and imaginative. Any setting that can inspire one or more of these qualities in your little one is a good choice.

In our home the boys have a tendency to become interested in a particular theme for a while, and imaginative play is the natural result. Currently, they are passionate about cowboys.

They adore their cowboy boots that they pull on first thing in the morning, they enjoy riding their wheeled horses around as well as the various other push-toys and battery-operated figures are also favorites. Our youngest child is happy to practice his Colors while assembling his Woody from Toy Story Puzzle across the living room floor.

Seeing that cowboy scene was here to stay for a while, we invested in kids cowboy boots and hats, and other "extras" for Christmas. Two months later, the children are still as enamored as they were on Christmas morning. The boys, create story lines and play scenes from their favorite cartoon characters stories. But even the youngest one, loves to push his toy horse along the house, yelling "Woo woo!"

Cowboy Boots and hats have opened the door to their imaginations, and jockeying for favored horses and clothing has cultivated negotiating and sharing skills. In our home, we recommend cowboy gear as some of the best toys for boys.

Of course, cars and trucks also go well with boys. For hours of creative play, select accompanying items such as a garage, a race track, or a roll-up area rug with roads printed on it.

The average boy will enjoy just about any kind of vehicle, whether something as simple as a little hand-held push car, or something more elaborate such as a remote-control or ride-on car. Other great choices include fire engines, airplanes, boats, buses, and just about anything else with wheels.

More absolute "must-have" toys for boys include balls of any and every variety, all types of blocks, and action figures. While children have differing interests and temperaments, these choices are proven favorites. But whatever your child's interests, there are sure to be many great toy choices to encourage and excite him to play hard and reach his full potential.

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