Best American Psychics' February Psychic of the Month

As Best American Psychics it is, of course, our mission to introduce the public to America’s legitimate, tested, ethical, and, we believe, highly gifted psychics. One of those psychics is February’s Psychic of the Month. Shadow Listener, an International Tarot Card Reader, has repeatedly received positive feedback on our directory. Readings are provided through email. The readings are honest and straightforward, without filler. Ethical conduct is high on this reader's priority list. Please see comments from satisfied clients:

TallHealer Mar 17 2009 TY...very accurate....very much so appreciated

Cush Mar 15 2009 This person is beyond a doubt very intuitive and honest. SL's insights are in depth and excellent. If you agree that the Tarot can be relied on - with the gift interpretation of the reader, then you MUST get in contact with this person!

User_8wtdjt Mar 13 2009

User_8wtdjt Feb 24 2009 thank you so much! I do have a few questions but would like to take the day to re-read the reading before I send them. I will be in touch soon. In the meantime, please know that this reading (thus far) has been very informative and helpful. I will certainly be reaching out to you again for more guidance. Take care, Melissa

Cush Feb 20 2009 This is the second reading with SL. The 1st was an on-line "chat" and this was a detailed e-mail reading. I have never put much credence in Tarot cards, that is until SL did the readings. All I can say is "AMAZING!"

sweetmorena00 Feb 19 2009

sweetmorena00 Feb 19 2009

User_9z69rb Feb 19 2009 Very detailed and willing to clarify. Very quick to respond back. Would use again. Referred by Cheryl Anne. Compassionate reading.

allringold Feb 18 2009 I am very impressed with your acuity and of course you know I will contact you again. You are very prompt, diligent and I am so glad I did not have to wait days for your more than generous email reading. Thank you. Best regards.

User_ppwb2i Feb 18 2009 I had a recommendation to you through Cheryl Anne and confirm you are uplifting and caring and a good person. If I don't lose my job they are reducing our salary by percentages and I have some larger outstanding bills that are due this year. Either way I feel more confident in my self. I feel more centered. Thank you and I will come back.

marie Feb 18 2009

wonderingnow Feb 18 2009 very thorough

inlight Feb 18 2009 oh fund ran out..I'm sorry. Your reading was very authentic and I was amazed how accurate that was.. I'd appreciate very much if you could send me the rest via mail..and again, thank you for your service.

chermark Feb 17 2009 Very accurate, I was so amazed, recommend to anyone, you won't regret it.

Cush Feb 16 2009 This person was amazing...getting right to the heart of the matter. EVERYTHING she stated was accurate and the description of the person in question was spot on. Her insight as to how to move this love relationship forward made so much sense since she was able to describe her personality to a "T". You will not be dissapointed. Give her a try. You will be ASTOUNDED!

Learn more about Shadow Listener at or through

The Shadows Speak If You Take The Time To Listen

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