Bangui Wind Mills are located in Ilocos Norte, Philippines and was built by the Northwind Power Development Corporation. The reason behind its construction is to reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases which causes global warming and to save electricity in areas nearby. Wind turbines are usually built near a shore facing the sea to optimize the flow of wind and remove wind breaks.

This last holy week vacation, we went there with my family. After we refreshed ourselves in one of the white sand resorts in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, we went ahead to Bangui Wind Mills. We saw 15 wind turbines in a row, 326 meters apart. It measures 70 meters high and each blade is 41 meters long.

It is an appealing scene and a wonderful place to have a walk for awhile. We didn't stayed longer because we were tired and we wanted to rest, but we took pictures for souvenirs. Before leaving the place, we bought a bunch of garlic which cost only P100.

Resource : Bangui Wind Mills

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