all right already if google is a threat how come you dont mention msn flag and tag./

msn is and always has been in everyones business and has monopolized the worlds computer and internet business for more than 2 decades . come now lets be fair when throwing scare tactics to members here. try finding all the level 6 level 7 and volatile flags and tags generated by msn in your stored cache files then i might listen. please when criticizing one mention the other is time msn took a major plunge for gouging us to death on op systems. must i continue with even more examples of naughty msn tactics. i could write 20 novels on msns dirty deeds.

by the way i love this web site. and love ning as it changed my view of the world and my self over the last 3 yrs. thanks ning techs and admins for giving me a richer life in social networking.

pss for al who havnt tried THE GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER switch or a a goggle chrome browser is 20 times faster response time compared to firefox and explorer.


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Comment by JenSocial on March 13, 2010 at 10:33am
I tried 2 times to make my bullets smaller, oh well... :-)
Comment by JenSocial on March 13, 2010 at 10:31am

Thanks for your input, and your generous words about the site - - much appreciated. :-)

Great blog to debate!

I thought the Google video was super interesting - - not "down" on Google, necessarily. But, I am fascinated with what all they've done and own.

  • hmmmm, I do get irritated that we all have to follow their (Google) rules. Break a Google Rule and risk losing your page ranking, keyword positions, get blacklisted, and the list goes on.
  • I do get totally exhausted with all the work, money and promotion it takes all of us, to get traffic to our sites; trying to gain Google page ranking and top Google search positions - - which in the end gives our sites their $ worth, revenue from Google Ad clicks, etc...
  • I do get practically insulted at the pittance amount Google throws website owners, as we all scurry to catch a couple of pennies they throw our way from the mega billion $ pile, for our little Google clicks, which BTW, we all work VERY HARD to earn...oh my, maybe there's more underlying disdainment for Google than I realized. ;-) LOL! I'm serious. I had no idea I felt all that!

OMG, PLEASE DO NOT get me started on Microsoft and King Bill. My head could explode. I have deep deep feelings about this one. In my book, my years of experience, my first-hand MS experiences, Microsoft is pure E-V-I-L, plain and simple. I can't even discuss this with close friends, I get so crazed. So, I choose to ignore it, and move on, LOL. Let's let someone else tell about the bad and the ugly of Microsoft! And heck, who knows? Maybe some naive nice person will come along and say wonderful things about Microsoft. ;-)

Great blog!


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