ShoutEm - Shout like Twitter - - Tweets sent to Twitter, instantly!

  • You must register with our ShoutEm account to send Tweets from the Ning Directory Team Account.
    Click here or blue box above, to Register.
  • Don't forget to enter your Ning Network Name in ShoutEm Profile or UserName.
  • Logging in under Twitter or OpenID will not work for Team Twittering.
  • All accounts are required to represent Ning Networks.
  • To send Twitterland clicks directly to your site, ADD YOUR NING NETWORK URL WITHIN YOUR TWEETS!
  • Follow these TIPS, and you'll be very happy with results! Tips: (1) Complete ShoutEm profile, (2) Add URL within ALL Tweets, &
    (3) Use "insert link" (icon to left of insert photo).


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