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The Global MSUans Network (GMN) is a closed network that bridges the MSUans who are now based worldwide - North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa. An MSUan is anyone who had been a student, alumnus, or employee of any of the campuses of the Mindanao State University System.
Is there a first name you may want to share with us?
Jen, my first name is Ashary. I have been using my network name since the start in compliance to the requirement that we use our network name rather than our individual names. Is alright then to use my name instead of my network name?
What a beautiful name, thank you. What not attach your name to the end of your network name, and then you are still advertising your site? I will leave it up to you.
Very nice to meet you Ashary!
Thanks Jen. I'll append my name to my network's name.
Very nice!
Hi everyone, I'm Janettee:) Some of you may recognize me from Creators:) The Human Touch is a multi-topic network that is now focusing on helping members connect locally. We have ways for members to sell products, promote businesses, connect with alumni, etc and this is all done by members connecting with their local (city, state, country) groups, as well as by connecting through interest groups.
Do l know you??? Thanks for all your help on Creators.Hugs
Hello All
My site is about caring and protecting Mother Earth and all who live in her embrace, and I create themes for personal profiles and site main page.
Nice to meet you all
If you would like, you can feel free to join The Human Touch, I'd love for you to help me with the group I'll even create a discussion area for environmental issues:)



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