As I promised, here is the scheduled background switcher.  The switching will be on your host site so as not to affect your members with the many changes that could end up there and causing it to bounce the ning network. I

You can switch backgrounds, headers, or anything that uses url() statement in css.  The key once again is not to cause your network to slow down.  Two years ago when this project was first started we tangled with the site lag or sluggish performance.  To overcome this issue it was a known fact that we needed to find a way to address the change with a common location.

For this example we address the background image of the body but you are not committed to that you can change anything you like that has a url tag. You can host it on your website or my host.  I can do everything for you , you just post the images to me.  I can also switch them automatically.

Here are the instruction for creating switching body background images.



Instead it operates a single file that is copied to when the day changes.  Host controls the background via  a single file named “master.jpg”

background-image: url(http://yourhostsite/yourhostdirectory/master.jpg)

Step one copy all the image files  http://yourhostsite/yourhostdirectory/

7 for once a day or

14 for twice a day

Edit either the onceaday.txt or the twiceaday.txt to reflected  Only edit cssdata between quotes that says http://yourhostsite/yourhostdirectory/yoursundayimage1.jpg and so on.

Then save it as “index.php” or the same name it had (onceaday, or twiceaday).php

Then copy the this file to the host http://yourhostsite/yourhostdirectory/

Run the php file once so it will create the “master.jpg”  : on your host click the magnifying glass that will execute the file.

Edit you css and change the background, using the file location "master.jpg" whatever you wish to change every day or twice a day I just picked the background because that is what most people want to change. Many wish to change the header or some section that they are promoting.

“background-image: url(http://yourhostsite/yourhostdirectory/master.jpg);”

next go to and schedule a task  twice a day or once a day to call the file  http://yourhostsite/yourhostdirectory/index.php


If you are happy with this code give a dollar or so, donation to it goes for a good cause… To keep the site open in my unfortunate demise…oh health issue, but don't concern yourself.  It is a great site of talented artist.

If you have any questions send them to

If you wish me to write your code, or anything of the sort I will do it, just remember I have a small fee.  If you wish it to be custom then I can do that too.  Just write me.




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Suppose you wish to change your header/or background image with another and maybe do it randomly or timed but when you do this it hits your site as does any physical change; in the form of a bounce slowing down your load time.  What you might ask is why it does it? When your site is loaded , it processes reads that need to be loaded by your css and commons.  Your scripts ask to rewrite and in doing so causing a bounce.

To eliminate the bounce, I create a common file that is called master.jpg. Which is used to hold any file that is to be displayed…i.e. image file.  I move the desired image.jpg into the common file “master.jpg” using the index php.  The master.jpg file is added to the css background-image which now is a pointer to file on the server, and  the next time the site is refreshed the url that  points to the master.jpg will display that image. What is nice about this routine is can replace any file not just images but for the sake of ease, I use master.jpg.


I would give it a try and ask questions.





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