One of the joys of having a darker network is having to tweak everything to fit properly so white-space isn't seen.

I recently finished a new page for my job board and had a lot of extra space in the page content area outside of my Iframe that I needed to fill and also fix the default margin / padding.

If you need to, add this to your  new page custom box under Manage title and meta tags manually (advanced):

div #page-content {background: #ffffff;}
div #page-content {margin:0; padding:0;}

...end result...

This was a fix for me, but you could use it to change your page content to an image as well.

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Thanks for sharing!


Happy New Year!

NP. Thanks for the help. Glad to have ya back & hopefully from the new office!

Thanks! You really wouldn't believe the ridiculousness of all that's happened. But, good news is, I am in new office - - big mess yet. =)

Not working for me. :(

Which page are ya trying to do?

My Chop Shop store. But I think it's because of the way my Amazon store is configured.

Yeah, I just checked it. Looks like your store. Here's some changes I ended up making to my Amazon store if it helps (main body in Amazon):

body {float:left;background:transparent;margin:0px;padding:0px;min-width:560px;}

#main {

#sidebar {

select.searchwidget {

I had a hell of a time trying to get it to look right when hiding the 3rd column (tables & tweaking both Ning & Amazon). In the end, It was easier to just show it. 

Where does this go? In the page CC box?

In your actual Amazon store.

  • Edit the store
  • Edit Color & Design (page after Categories)
  • Edit CSS (right under the theme selector drop down)

The stuff I gave you was just basics for Global Tab, but may point you in the right direction.




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