I wanted to encourage more use of the 'chat' facility so created an image button using this code (inserted into 'custom code' section):

"><img style="width: 145px; height: 150px; xg-p: fixed;
BOTTOM: 25px; right: 10px;" src="image url"  /></a>

In the tab editor I also made 'chat' visible to administrators only so
the chat tab and chat bar along bottom don't appear - I believe you could also use this code to prevent chat bar from appearing (inserted into 'appearance' -

.xg_dock {display:none!important;}

Here it is in use on my site:  The Mod Generation  (image is at bottom right hand corner)

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Cool idea, and great chat button on your site! Thanks for sharing.

Note: Ning strips the word "position" within "style" for security reasons. If anyone uses your example code, be sure to change xg-p to position.

Thanks again!
love this ty i am using this!

Great tip. I should delete some of my social accounts and join your network. I love mod culture!
Thanks!  Not sure we'll be playing any of that interesting music you have on Kingdomz down in the mod clubs though.
LOL I'm a headbanger, but I have eclectic tastes, and I always seem to gravitate to the uncommon, unusual, and downright bizarre. Heck, I liked Bobby Vinton growing up. Hahaha!



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