This can get tricky. It all depends on how you add your header logo, i.e. upload via All Options (Header Image or Network Logo), or if you add via Advanced CSS.

The safest bet is to create an image with a width of 955 pixels. This enables you to get all your centering done within your image.

Otherwise, if you uploaded your header via "Manage/Appearance/All Options/Network Logo", you should be able to add this code to Advanced CSS, and center your logo.
#xg_masthead p#xg_sitename { text-align:center!important; }

If this doesn't work for you, let me know. Leave your URL, and I'll try to add your particular "case" example.

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Hi Jane,

Is there any code that can hide the my network logo?

Thanks alot


Please move your question to our Support Group here:

This group is for tips only. Thanks in advance.


I'm not sure I understand. Which logo are you trying to hide? Can you give me a screen shot? If you want to hide the network logo, why upload it? That's why I don't think I'm understanding your question.






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