The features am referring to are the network logos and the black bar Grab the badge/link code: at footer of homepage

I want add images and bar at my network footer.

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Its a simple jQuery trick . Paste it in your Analytics or now refer as CUSTOM CODE
<script type="text/javascript">
x$("#xg_foot").after("<div id="mystuff">Put your codes like text boxes and badge image here , just like simple HTML , you can also use iframe "); </script>

.after refer to add the content below the DIV
.before is the opposite , that is add above .
Mystuff , you can change this to any name you like , and you can edit it in CSS . for example ,
#mystuff {
Have fun . :D
it tried it,doesn't work.can you give me complete details?
Hi Forbes,
The footer content I have is provided via a text box from the former Scripts4Ning, that's no longer available to new networks. That code is on the backend and I can't even get to it, except to edit it.

However, we can do the same thing or close by injecting an iframe that calls in an html file. It's a little tricky, but basically the same instructions as the "Add Google Ad to Header".

Just change the variable from:

Be sure to change the iframe height. And on the badge code I have here, you'll need to know how to code it so the code can be copied/pasted. View the source code I've attached to this discussion.

Best Regards,
Thanks Jen.I will study it carefully.
How do i add link to this code,below No.9
I used it for footer banner,noticed it shrink on firefox,fix on google chrome.I want it fix on all browsers.

I don't know what you mean when you say "it shrink", sorry. If you're just trying to add a text link to your header or footer, try one of these:

<!-- Add link above NingBar -->
<script type="text/javascript">
x$("#xn_bar").prepend('<div align="center" class="xg_module"><a href="">test link</a></div>');

<!-- Add link above Footer -->
<script type="text/javascript">
x$("#xg_foot").before('<div align="center" class="xg_module"><a href="">test link</a></div>');

Not a text link.I want to add link to the footer banner of my website.I used the iframe code on the google ad tutorial to create the banner.

Have a look on the banner with firefox and google chrome,you will see what i mean by shrinking(contrast)

Hi Forbes,
I suggest that you increase the height of the iframe:
If that doesn't work out, I wouldn't know.
Hoping you get it worked out.
Hi Jen,

I increased height=200px,its okay now.How do i add link to the iframe banner?


Jen, this is so cool. I will add this link in my footer ;)
Lol , then i can't help you .
I don't know whats your problem is . Just follow Jen's direction . Jen's the expert here . =D



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