Add this to Manage/Appearance/Advanced CSS - at bottom of code:
.xg_widget_page .xg_headline {display:none !important;}

That should remove the redundant header on all pages.

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Does this mean it will remove the images some have on theirsite and just stay there and the custom theme only show half the theme? l hope it does remove them. It is ok for a main page theme but not everyone wants it on their page.
Sorry Fantasyland, I'm not sure what you're asking. This line of CSS removes the page text title on new pages, and that should be the only place. I'll insert a screen shot so you can see where it would remove the text. Notice the URL/link in the Browser address bar, it's for a "page" on the Creator site:

No, won't work on Open Social App Pages. I tried this, and it appeared to only remove the Page Title. But, make sure. Because the first 2 tries I was removing too much, like the share buttons. And, I wouldn't be surprised if it's different on the various apps - - not likely, but if they didn't use this variable and class, possible.

.xg_widget_opensocial_ningapps .xg_headline .tb h1 {display:none !important;}

Good! I forgot this conversation, LOL!
Hi James, I added this CSS to your Advanced CSS:
.xg_widget_page .xg_headline {display:none !important;} and it worked fine for me. I will insert 2 images, one with header and without. I'm not sure what went wrong for you. Do make sure you don't have an error at the bottom of your other CSS (above this code), for example a missing right bracket }.

Best Regards, Jen


Is there a way to do this now for individual pages with the new custom code/meta boxes?

Sure. Just add the same code in the custom box under your page, and wrap it in the style tag like this:


.xg_widget_page .xg_headline {display:none !important;}




Perfect, thanks!


I haven't had time to emphasize this much - yet, but the pages are incredibly powerful. They finally offer full control for HTML pages, with the ability to add scripts and CSS, and critical elements like being able to add the <HEAD> tag, etc...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,




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