I've had my head buried so deep working on Design Projects and answering questions, I completely missed a new feature Ning added to their new Chat Room. Speed Racer of NASCAR NATION woke me up by adding a cool tip on Creators.ning.com!

Some Chat Sounds For The New Chat



How To Change Sounds For The New Ning Chat

  • To change the chat sounds for the new Ning Chat, head over to My Network/Settings/Features/Chat
  • You can change the initial private chat sound by clicking on one of the 4 default sounds: Classic, Knick Knack, Tang and Runner. OR, you can add your own custom sound by uploading a sound byte file with the extension .mp3.
  • To add a custom sound you will need to save your mp3 file to your local hard drive. This is where you may want to check out Speed Racer's tip on Creators: http://creators.ning.com/forum/topics/some-chat-sounds-for-the-new-...
  • After you save your mp3 file, be sure you know where you saved the file - - what folder on your computer.
  • From the Ning Chat Settings Screen, click on Browse, and select the mp3 from your local computer. Click on Open, and the new sound should be ready.
  • You can also change all other sounds by clicking on one of the 4 default sounds: Classic, Neva, Puddle, or Plink. And the same as the initial private chat setting, you can upload a custom mp3 sound file for all other sounds - - very cool.
  • After you select a default sound or use your own mp3, click on SAVE and you're done.


Enjoy experimenting with your chat sounds!


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perfect walkthru, Jen, and thank you for the shoutout!


Hahaha! Didn't know this!  I haven't looked at that chat page since this thing went live.  Some of those noises would drive me insane. LOL  But I did change the private message sound.  

Thanks Jen!

Hi Writer Chick,

Good to see you. Yeah, I didn't know about the feature either, until SR brought it up. Good to know...




Pretty cool tip! Never noticed that before!





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