Want a way for your Members and Visitors to contact you via a nice "Contact Us" form? After you create your forms, just add a new Tab with the links to your new forms.

Members Contact Us Form:

LiveWired offers a fantastic, professional "Contact Us" form for members of your Ning Networks. It's totally integrated to your Network, and it's free!
LiveWired Contact Form

LiveWired's form is installed via WebDav. If you have never used WebDav to install files on your Ning Server, and need the module installed - - we will install any of LiveWired's modules for an installation fee of: $25.00 Send Jen email if you need these services. If you read the instructions for WebDav, follow each step carefully, you can do it! ;-)

See our Integrated Member "Contact Us" Form, here: Member Contact Us Form

Visitors Contact Us Form:

(non-members can submit form)
With FormSpring, anyone can easily create a "Contact Us" Form.
FormSpring Forms
Create a form on FormSpring. It's free. You only get 50 submissions for the free version. But, who needs more than 50 submissions at one time? ;-)
See our Visitor "Contact Us" Form here: Visitor Contact Us Form
After creating a form via FormSpring (Just follow their instructions. It's easy.):
1. Create a new Page on your Ning Network.
2. In Step 4, from FormSpring "Create Form", Copy code by clicking on the "Embed" link.
3. Paste code to your new page.
4. Save New Page.
5. Create a link or a new tab.
6. Done.

Have fun!

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Hi Jen, I don't see this at their site.  I joined but nothing there on creating forms.  Could you see what I'm doing wrong?  Ralphy

Hi Ralphy,

FormSpring or LiveWired? Both names and things have changed. Try this tip:



I think I probably need to delete this old tip. I'll wait till I have time to look at everything. The VIP tip will explain that it's difficult to find the link on FormSpring (now Formstack). The link is practically hidden.

Let me know if this doesn't help.



Sadly enough they want 14.95 and 14 day trail.  Guess they all have changed.  Is there another way to do this.

Oh WOW! I suspected this might happen since they've been hiding that link more and more and more. I just setup a Client a week or so ago, and do almost every week. This is a kick in the arsh. Course I can't blame them, they should be paid for all the hard work if they don't have ads to offset. I had hope they'd go with the latter. So no, I don't know of another free way for members and visitors. I think the Ning App only works for members. If you want to look at that one go to My Network/Features Layout, Ning App. Search on "contact", no quotes.

Or this link should do it: http://yourning.com/opensocial/ningapps/list?q=contact

I'll be looking for one for sure. I'll let you know when/if I find it.

Best Regards,


Thank you Jen, that worked.  I have a question out of the norm.  How do you make the xg body background semi transparent without affecting all other xg's such as xg modules. I put the statement in the xg body and it makes all xg's semi transparent.


Best Ralphy



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