After the big Ning update on July 20, 2010, I'm seeing that a lot of Ning sites have a column alignment issue, where the far right column has text flowing in from the center column. I believe this is only happening on Ning Networks where there are 1 of the following 2 tweaks:

1. Hero Box (taking up 2 text boxes to make one column), or
2. Wide Column on Left (but not in all cases)

If you're experiencing this issue, I believe the following CSS will correct the problem. Please let me know if not.

Add the following CSS to:
My Network/Settings/Appearance/Advanced CSS

/* Adjust Column Alignment on Home Page (wide column left or using Hero Box) after Ning Update */
.xg_widget_main_index .xg_span-4  {margin-left:25px!important;}

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What's a hero box? lol I know I may be slow
Not slow - - you wouldn't know if you hadn't seen it. It's just a word being used to describe a 2-column text box. A Ning Guy offered the tip here:
Best to you,
Oh wow lol that's pretty cool I wanted this code and didn't even know it, thanks Jen
My Network/Tools/Custom Code
Ok, your code will stop us from having this if it shows up on our main page. Right? l do not have it showing on my page now.
This code is just for an alignment problem with columns, if a Network Creator had installed what's called a hero box, link here for what that is:

ok, thanks
dear Jen

still nothing i posted the code and there is still wide back color appeared
although when i log in its disappeared

my website
Hi Farah,
I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do. But maybe this will help. Anytime you make a CSS change to a site, and then log-out, you will see the old code for about 20 minutes.
Hope that helps,



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