I like to share an idea which I added to my network. First I thank Jen, that I could add a Google Custom site search to my network. But what additionally I provides now a BING search on my network. I created a new page called Bing Search


You can make a setup for your own Bing Box here.


Now I used the language editor and changed the text for


No results were found for


into: No results were found for '...'. Please try another search with Bing  - Here you can see what I mean.  Any questions? Do you need a step by step explanation how to create a new page to add the Bing (not NING) search to your network? How to use the language editor?


There is one issue: I don't know why the script for the Bing Search gets corrupted if you try to copy and paste it into a NING page. There are some HTML strings which can't be integrated into the HTML of a NING page. I deleted these strings and check if the Bing Search is working ... and it seems that it 's working.


Now - if someone search something which should be there but it is not indexed in the event/ member/ blog NING search - he will find a hint to use another site search site - in this case the Bing Box.




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 I tried this and it doesn't work.  Not sure how to get it working.

Yes.it is difficult to get the right CODE for a textbox or page on NING because always the code gets corrupted. Maybe it is not a good idea from mine to try to add a Bing Search. Better to use a Google Search with ads inside the search.

true, i found that you can not add that code to native ning page.  However if you have a pro account you can make a bing search page like I have done here-then upload it to your file manager, customize the link and then add it somewhere in your network.   However, you should have no problem adding a google custom search code to a ning page.  You can see on my advanced search page that google code integrates nicely.  Hope this helps.


Good luck



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