How to add an Image or custom Text block to your Header:

This insertion point will add your custom text either below or above the menu tabs - - depending on your current page setup. For my networks, it goes below.

Note: I will attach 3 files. One contains both custom text, and an image example. The other 2 will contain separated examples - - one with example text, and the other with example of an image.

1. Open 1 of the attached files in an Editor (like notepad) You can even use a Ning text box to make your edits with copy/paste.
2. If you just want to insert text, choose the file with text example. Change the custom text to what you want to display. If you want to insert an image, select the image example file, and change the IMG SRC source to your image path. And for both, select the file for both.
3. Change the attributes, like colors and alignment. Change the text color and background colors to your chosen colors. Also, change the DIV STYLE CENTER TAGs to LEFT, if you want to left align your text or image. You will see 2 TAG parameters. One for text, and one for overall DIV container.
4. Use BR TAG for line feeds. You will see them in the examples.
5. When your file is ready, copy and paste into your Manage/Analytics Box. Click Save. If you already have code in your Analytics Box, make a backup of the original content, before adding any header code.

WARNING: If you do not know what an HTML TAG is, you may not want to try this. This can get tricky. But, if you really pay close attention to all characters in the files, it's actually quite easy to do. The code to create your header is actually written in JavaScript.
Disclaimer: Add at your own risk. This is a hack, as are, all of these type tips.

Note: If you cannot open, or see the JavaScript code in attached files, go to this Note, to retrieve JavaScript Code.

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Thanks Jen you are the best. I noticed in the code you have ("div.xg_widget_main_index_index") calling for the main widget. Can this code be changed for other parts/widgets/pages as well.


Just a curious question. Thinking of the possibilities.


I have one question although I know that this is old, but will this work for me if I have just added either one of these and press save to try and preview, if so will I be able to see it if I still have My Network logo saved  and in place under the settings all options?


Since I'm not very familiar , when you say write a Text do it have to be just the text itself in general or do it have to be within a code such as saving it in Photobucket, and the images too?

What? I'm lost.





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