Add small icons/links for your Facebook and Twitter Accounts, above the SignIn / SignUp / Hello Box area.

Be sure to change to your accounts for Facebook and Twitter. After you edit the code below, add to your Analytics Box (My Network/Tools/Custom

<script type="text/javascript">
x$(document).ready(function() {
// Insert a DIV Before the SignIn/SignUp/Hello Box
x$("#xg_module_account").before('<div align="center" class="xg_module"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Visit Us On Facebook"></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Follow Us On Twitter"></a></div>');


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Very nice Mike!

This isn't working on my site.  Any idea what Im doing wrong?  I copy and pasted this into Mirco. Word then I changed the html's to have my account addresses.  

I also tried using html from my site where I have facebook and twitter icons uploaded in a blog, that didn't work either.  

And just to test... to double check I just copy and pasted exactly what you have with your links and that didn't work either :/  


And i put this in the custom code box where my analytics was... I put it at the bottom of everything else I had in there.

Hi Shannon,

If you edited in Word, that could be the problem. Word processors, although they claim they can save HTML, inevitably throw in hidden characters that will break the code. You need to use a Text Editor. If that doesn't fix it, I'd have to see the code in a text file to see if I can find the issue.





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