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How To: Add Body Background To Specific Page

  • Go to new or existing page /pages.
  • Access the specific page.
  • Click on Top Right Menu - Options/Edit.
  • If you haven't customized the page yet by utilizing the new Advanced Features,
  • - -> Check box next to Meta: Manage title and meta tags manually (advanced)




  • Add your CSS styles in Custom Box.
  • For any CSS style, wrap in style tag. <style>your custom css for specific page </style>
  • Upload your background image via File Manager or a Blog.
  • Copy the image URL.
  • Edit code below, and replace your_image, with your image URL.
  • Be sure to use repeat-x (horizontal repeat) or repeat (repeat horizontal and vertical), if needed for your background image.
  • Click on Update Page.
  • Done! =)



body {
background: url(your_image) no-repeat scroll 0 0 !important;




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Replies to This Discussion

hahaha! Yes, that DID sound rather dumb.  What I meant was a PLAIN IMAGE.  Like a solid background with no faces on it.  LOL  Sorry!


And thanks for the code Jen!!   :)

BTW, there is a workaround on images that works nicely for off-pages, like our Ning pages. I'm writing the tip for VIP Group. They're due for a really good tip.

@ Jen as you tol earlier that we can add keywords in custome code of page. i tried on the very first day this options added. but ..if yous ave page after adming keywords and check you source code of page their is not meta tag with name keywords :( it only detect  network keywords. not our page keywords..


Any Help?
Look at the last line before the</head>
Wow! That looks exciting! Great job!

Hi had a question from John, and you must have found the answer. Just in case:

Hi John,

Try this instead:

.xg_module_body {
background: url(your_image) no-repeat scroll 0 0 !important;

Best Regards,


This is a great tip. I had not discovered this one, thanks Jen! Warmly, Susan

Glad you like it, Susan!




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