I've been thinking about a way that I could offer a special Memorial and Remembrance to the heroes and lost loved ones of that tragic day we all call "9/11". Tragic it was - - beyond words. But it made our Country and bonds even stronger.


I decided the best way was to express myself through one of my favorite passions - - creativity.


I have created a background image that serves as a Memorial, and free to anyone who would like to add it to your site. I only slap the name ningcustomdesign.com in the header, so you know I created this.


It should work for most websites. For Ning Networks, below is the code I'm using. Add to your Advanced CSS, at bottom. You can use scroll instead of fixed, if you want more of the image at bottom. I thought the fixed looked best on JenSocial. Also, if you use fixed, you may want to use repeat-y, instead of no-repeat.


CSS Code for 9/11 Memorial Background:

body {
background:url("http://storage.ning.com/topology/rest/1.0/file/get/1061542310?profile=original") no-repeat fixed center top #FFFFFF !important;

/* I needed to move my main body content down to show the title and some of the flag. */
div#xg.xg_theme {margin-top:40px!important;}


If you use it, I'd love to see your site, and know that the Memorial is running strong.


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http://www.traddr.com/ for a little while then back to old layout -- using 'scroll' fwiw


P.S it would be cool if we could get backgrounds for specific holidays etc also , themed backgrounds n stuff

It looks very nice. You could move the body content down about 20 more pixels.


Okay, I'll start trying to offer backgrounds here and there. ;-)

This is great Jen, Thank you.  Unfortunately, its not working on my site, but no worries, enjoy your Sunday.


You might try Kris's alternative here:


You too!




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