first i think if you both are single you should dating cuz we love you both


anyway as alex manege to move share contend in status box


i always wont to move the share links in etc to make it below descussion header

see images below



so member see sharing before reading the article or the photos as i think as now my member doesn't use sharing because its not viewed well as i think in the below




please advise

my forum link



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When I have time, I'll try to look. With many Clients and VIP members waiting, it could be a while before I can.
This had been a huge discussed long time ago in NING Creators. Most of people think we should share AFTER read the whole content, not just see the subject title. So that why all the share links in this place now. But You still can do what you like by writing some Javascript and CSS.


so is it can it be done

and if yes i would love to u to share it with us


will wait though

Farah? Where do you see that Alex says he will write this? This is not an easy thing.
It's can be done but it's not good for everyone. Even me myself don't like to share in this way. If you really want customize your site in any way you like. I suggest you hire someone to do this. And you will be happy too. :)



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