Hey Jen, Shawn again. I am using that social media bar on my website www.boxingsocialist.com and when I'm at work on my 22 inch wide screen it shows perfect, but when I am at home on my 17 inch monitor/pc it does not show. It's there because when I hold my mouse over where it "should" be, it let's me know that there's a facebook, twitter, rss, and contact. Also I noticed that it does not show up on my 15.4 inch laptop screen either.


Any help would be appreciated !!!

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I'll go to your site today and see if I can figure it out. If you could post in the private group, it may help others who have access to the tip as well. But, here is great too. :-)
Ah ok ... Thanks Jen ... sometimes I'm not sure where to post stuff ...

LOL, I just realized I asked you to post in public forum (via pm), then I ask that you post in private. Forgive me Shawn. Whatever works for you is great. I look here and in the private group very often, so they are both the best places.

Have a great day, and will look at that.


LOL, thanks .... because I was getting confused .... LOL ...

Your the best Jen ...... :)

LOL, thanks for being a good Sport! I'm glad I caught myself. DUH!
Shawn, is it installed now? I'm not seeing it at all, on any monitor.
Yeah, i see it right now ... just like I see it on your website ... I noticed if you hover your mouse over "where it should" be .. you can tell there is something there .. you just can't see it on certain monitors I guess ... but I see it right now on my 22 inch wide screen.
You do see it? That is odd. When I search for the CSS that goes with the Social Media Bar, for some reason not seeing it. If I add the CSS it shows up for me. Are you sure the CSS is added to your Advanced CSS?

Yeah .. let me grab the code I put



Shawn, I'm seeing the BODY and HEAD tags in your custom code box. This could cause some issues with your scripts and your site. The custom code box is loaded last and isn't part of the HEAD tag. This is a big complaint many of us have made for years. Ning must come up with a special box that is considered or loaded first as our HEAD tag - - since we can no longer add a HEAD tag to our files.

wow, your starting to scare me Jen ... so I'm I going to have problems with my website in the future? Is this causing problems with my floating space ...


Everytime I find a code I want to implement .. I just go to custom code and scroll to bottom and keep pasting code after code after code ... am I doing it wrong or is it something Ning should fix on their end?

jen if you join my website and I made you a admin could that help you? or help me?



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