Hey Jen, Shawn again. I am using that social media bar on my website www.boxingsocialist.com and when I'm at work on my 22 inch wide screen it shows perfect, but when I am at home on my 17 inch monitor/pc it does not show. It's there because when I hold my mouse over where it "should" be, it let's me know that there's a facebook, twitter, rss, and contact. Also I noticed that it does not show up on my 15.4 inch laptop screen either.


Any help would be appreciated !!!

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hey, it's working now Jen ... when I hit refresh .. my IE 8 asked me if I wanted to switch to compatibility mode and I said yes .... and everything started working ...



Ok ... your right about two things ...


One, I did just copy and paste from screen instead of notepad ...


Two, even if I did go to your .txt my notepad is set to "wrap" always ...


So in the event that I grab any more code from you and I will make sure it's the .txt file,   I need to make sure my "wrap" isn't on?   didn't think it would make a difference .. but apparently it did ....

Let me know ... and once again Thank you so much ..

It's showing LOL, because I fixed the code. LOL, just good timing that's all.


Correct, never ever have wrap on when you copy your code, to add to Advanced CSS or custom code box.


See attached files for backup.

Best Regards,




Thank You Thank You Thank you ....

I'm leaving you as admin .. hehehehe ....

Can i ask you one more thing, I do not have my contact part working yet ... what website was that, that you told us to go to, to create contact stuff?

I got the Facebook, Twitter, and RSS, working .. but was a little confused as how to link up the contact part ... :)

You're welcome, glad it's fixed.


There are a couple of ways to create a contact form. Here's that tip:





There's a chance the broken lines in code were working, but I seriously doubt it.




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